A vegan too Far

From the Idiots Covered in Fake Blood Department A vegan who practices extreme veganism, a plant-based freak of nature, one, who in our book, goes too far even by liberal standards, using aggressive tactics, ones that are pushy, obnoxious and intimidating in an outrageous attempt to gain attention, and in so doing, persuade the meatheads … Continue reading A vegan too Far

Bummed out in Veganuary

IMO, worst month of the year! Cold outside with spring nowhere in sight. Post-holiday blues at an all-time high, Christmas bills due, tired of the same old vegan meals. Looking for something positive to lift me up. I'm not alone, says the wife, as if that will make me feel less bummed. But wait! There … Continue reading Bummed out in Veganuary

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

From the Oldies but Goodies Department Comes an African inspired folk ballad by The Tokens, Mbube in the Zulu language, meaning Lion, a song that was waayyy overplayed on AM radio after coming out in 1961, The Lion Sleeps Tonight. What brought this song to my attention now? A ballad once heard, one that cannot … Continue reading The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Cats love Vegans

Because they SMELL good! But Meatheads sometimes don't smell so good, especially close up! Just ask a person who only eats plant-based, whole-foods and they will agree that vegans have little to no offensive odors. Before the commercialization of meat products made it more available to the masses, it was easy to identify the more … Continue reading Cats love Vegans

Time to tickle a vegan funny Bone

How can you tell if someone is vegan? Don't worry they'll tell you. Why did the vegan cross the road? To tell somebody else that she is a vegan. The hardest thing about being vegan is waking up at sunrise to milk the almonds. You'll never have a beef with a vegan. He was so … Continue reading Time to tickle a vegan funny Bone

These plant-based Nugs Almost missed the Boat

GARDEIN Plant-Based CHIK'N Nuggets I heated up some of these Ultimate Chick'n nuggets last night that I forgot was in my freezer, mostly cause I bought this killer gourmet mustard at my local organic store that I've been wanting to use more of and I couldn't think of anything else to eat that was vegan … Continue reading These plant-based Nugs Almost missed the Boat

The vegan fat Farm

The Marines and the Power of Veganism In 1968 when I became a lowly Boot in the United States Marine Corps I was a slim 150 lbs at 5'9" tall. A few of my fellow enlistees were not so fortunate. The ones who were overweight and out of shape who joined the Marines to lose … Continue reading The vegan fat Farm

The all or nothing Vegan

The dictionary defines a Vegan as a person who does not consume meat or dairy products that come from animals but instead eats plant-based foods. Does that mean if a follower of the vegan lifestyle "cheats" by eating meat or dairy at some point in their journey they are no longer vegan but a flexitarian? … Continue reading The all or nothing Vegan

Mind your vegan Tongue

The vegan tongue is a muscle and requires Training The first thing I learned when I became vegan (a short four months and -20lbs ago) was to learn how to obey my taste buds instead of allowing my mind's stored memory of a particular food to overrule the actual taste of what I was eating. … Continue reading Mind your vegan Tongue