Crocodile Tears of the Rich & Famous

Robin Leach is rolling over in his urn! 1st day of issue, Vol 1, Chapter 1 DEXTER Dexter the BlogOdile makes his top picks for the rich and famous people/celebs/vegans who did everything they could in recent months to make the public feel sorry for their pathetic acts of stupidity and who attempt to lay … Continue reading Crocodile Tears of the Rich & Famous

GOAT Vegans

11 GOAT's (Greatest of All Time) Vegans in History 1. Pythagoras (c. 570-c. 495 BC) 2. Buddha (c. 563/480–c. 483/400 BCE) 3. Ovid (43 BC-AD 17 or 18) 4. Al-Maʿarri (973-1057) 5. St Francis of Assisi (1181-1226) 6. Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) 7. Voltaire (1694-1778) 8. William Blake (1757-1827) Here are the top fifteen vegan influencers of … Continue reading GOAT Vegans

Top 20 Vegan Celebrities

Vegan Celebrities Hot from the wire and reposted from the Vegan Dispatch who "borrowed" it from VeganCuts is this entertaining post about celebrities who are vegan. You may find like I did some guys and gals that you did not know were vegan. Heck!, there were celebs I didn't recognize, vegan or not! I knew … Continue reading Top 20 Vegan Celebrities