Carnivore – “a person whose diet includes meat”

No offense to Mike Stivic of All In The Family fame, Archie Bunker’s beloved son-in-law, brilliantly portrayed by Rob Reiner, but he was truly a meathead in so many ways.


Can you picture the look on Archie’s face if Meathead one day announced he is a vegan! That would have been an interesting episode!

For those of you who were not old enough to see All In The Family live, the premise was a first for TV, a flaming liberal and a staunch conserative living under the same roof.

Rob Reiner is a meathead in real life and is still a flaming liberal!

Here at the Vegan Swamp we refer to all the carnivorous lost souls we talk about on our blog as Meatheads, well maybe not to their face, but behind their backs for sure! Can you think of a better name to describe a person who A. Knows about the negative health effects of meat B. Knows that it’s animal cruelty. C. Eats it anyway. D. Knows what animal agriculture does to our planet but still won’t go vegan.

C’mon Arch!

Also, a meathead is considered to be well, maybe a little slow, 8 eggs short of dozen. Maybe some of our sick humor will rub off on them and they will cross over to the good side.

And to those who promote the foolish idea that you can only get protein from meat, we say hooey! (you thought we were going to say baloney!)