The woke Vegan

What is woke? A racial slur? An invention of the cancel culture? The slang word 'woke' has grown from an 'awareness of the truth taken in the context of our history' to represent an excuse for needless rioting and destruction. Spun off by some woke politicians as progressive activism. When a person's livelihood goes up … Continue reading The woke Vegan

The inebriated Meathead

Here is one very slanted way of looking at history to fit a conservative viewpoint. This bit of nonsense was sent to us by a reader, and it was in regard to one of our previous posts, Conservative Vegan vs Liberal Vegan. They would not say it was written by them and they deny knowing … Continue reading The inebriated Meathead

The Vegan Paradigm

Politicians love the word paradigm and use it freely, thinking it will confuse the masses and make them seem intelligent, but few know it's real meaning, which is - 'a framework containing the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodology that are commonly accepted by members of a scientific community.' Ok so if we … Continue reading The Vegan Paradigm

Conservative Vegan vs liberal Vegan

There are vegans of all shapes and sizes and without assigning any strange political label to a specific group of vegans, I will say this: I believe it is possible to be a conservative and vegan, but support for this view can be hard to find within the larger vegan community. The good news is that … Continue reading Conservative Vegan vs liberal Vegan

The carnivore Cure?

Holy cow! An "elimination" diet based on meat consumption Fake news? Here at the vegan swamp we like to be fair and balanced (thanks Bill) and report the good with the bad with news and commentary about vegans and veganism. So, when I saw this image posted on FB in a vegan humor group, I … Continue reading The carnivore Cure?

American Dairy Farmer Says Animal Agriculture Causing Climate Change Is BS

Me and Dex saw this artticle on the news this morning, You might expect a dairy farmer to say something like this in defense of their livelihood; "Americans are buying into this lie that animal agriculture causes climate change." claiming that climate initiatives and a push for plant-based food are fostering anti-farm sentiment. That last … Continue reading American Dairy Farmer Says Animal Agriculture Causing Climate Change Is BS