P.F. Chang’s – Vegan China Bistro

P.F. Chang's China Bistro Offering Asian/American cuisine in a casual setting, now attracting the meatless crowd by offering delicious, plant-based vegan options in addition to their standard menu items. Meatheads needn't worry, P.F. Chang's still serves their regular carnivorous menu items. What we are posting about today (besides shamelessly phishing for 'likes', on our post … Continue reading P.F. Chang’s – Vegan China Bistro

Would you ‘veg out’ with a Slutty Vegan?

And just chill? Or have a cocktail with a slutty vegan in a Slutty Bar, owned by a Slutty Vegan? Let me explain; A Vegan Swamp Post/Rant in support of Tipping Generously This thing that's going on with the Slutty Vegan, a real brand, and a lawsuit involving the brand owner and former employees who … Continue reading Would you ‘veg out’ with a Slutty Vegan?

A vegan too Far

From the Idiots Covered in Fake Blood Department A vegan who practices extreme veganism, a plant-based freak of nature, one, who in our book, goes too far even by liberal standards, using aggressive tactics, ones that are pushy, obnoxious and intimidating in an outrageous attempt to gain attention, and in so doing, persuade the meatheads … Continue reading A vegan too Far

Crocodile Tears of the Rich & Famous

Robin Leach is rolling over in his urn! 1st day of issue, Vol 1, Chapter 1 DEXTER Dexter the BlogOdile makes his top picks for the rich and famous people/celebs/vegans who did everything they could in recent months to make the public feel sorry for their pathetic acts of stupidity and who attempt to lay … Continue reading Crocodile Tears of the Rich & Famous

Veganscopes by Nostrildamus

I read boogers! A Vegan Swamp parody of Astrology- -presented with a Vegan Theme By Professor Nostrildamus - The Vegan Swamp's resident horrorscoper and interpreter of sun signs for Vegans. Can your sun sign reveal what you should eat? Food Astrology? Moon Pies anyone? Do you believe in astrology? Lots of us do, believing that … Continue reading Veganscopes by Nostrildamus

A vegan travels back to the Future

From The Future of Veganism Department - Marty McBug and Doc Brawn have discovered that in the year 2185 the whole world has adopted the plant-based lifestyle. Veganism has gone viral! As Doc is a vegan he is very pleased with what he discovers in the future yet wonders why it took so long. Having … Continue reading A vegan travels back to the Future

Fake meat sales Plunging

From the Fake Meat Department It wasn't too long ago that we first heard about Frankenmeat, faux meat grown in a lab or printed on a 3D printer. (what in tarnation is the stuff they use to feed the printer nozzle?) Those awful bean burgers didn't make the grade so it was time to try … Continue reading Fake meat sales Plunging

Former ‘non-binary’ vegan tells All

From the Genderless Department Gender non-binary means that an individual does not fit into the traditional binary categories of male or female. Non-binary or genderqueers identify as having no gender, pegged on a gender spectrum somewhere between male and female, or identify as totally outside binary gender identities. Huh? WTH is a gender spectrum anyway? … Continue reading Former ‘non-binary’ vegan tells All

‘Twitter Files’ uncover vegan Suppression

From the Twitter Files Department A copy of a secret Twitter memo from the Tweetmeister himself was provided to us by a former Twitter employee who is also a vegan but with the promise not to reveal his name. He was very detailed in his description of a "toxic" workplace and how he tried in … Continue reading ‘Twitter Files’ uncover vegan Suppression

A Vegan Superhero?

From the Vegan Superhero Search Department Veganman Maybe a character like this dude, a buff, heroic symbol, wearing stylish wayfarers, bulging muscles poured into a green suit, chosen by popular vote to represent veganism, would be a boost to the vegan movement. Superheros are IN! The Hollywood superhero industry has re-invented the genre. It seems … Continue reading A Vegan Superhero?

Rule changes to make ‘soccer’ more Interesting

From the How To Make 'soccer' Unboring Department Don't call it 'soccer' in European countries or you will find yourself on the next slow boat traveling west - in steerage! It's called 'football' there. (Futbol es International!) With World Cup 'Soccer' at a fevers pitch, we thought a few extreme rule changes might make the … Continue reading Rule changes to make ‘soccer’ more Interesting

The transgender Dude

Coming soon to a girl's locker room near you. https://youtu.be/A7NFB9YribI Can you blame the girls for walking out? As an older guy, retired military and someone with nothing to lose, I will pose the question that everyone else is afraid of asking, WHEN DID THE NEEDS OF THE FEW COME BEFORE THE NEEDS OF THE … Continue reading The transgender Dude