A plant-based Dilemma

My wife is a carnivore and I am vegan. Does this mean we are incompatible? No, of course not, we met this way and still fell in love (I thought I could change her mind later), but there’s a lot of compromising and accommodation involved. Each couple facing this dilemma needs to work things out … Continue reading A plant-based Dilemma

Top 20 Vegan Celebrities

Vegan Celebrities Hot from the wire and reposted from the Vegan Dispatch who "borrowed" it from VeganCuts is this entertaining post about celebrities who are vegan. You may find like I did some guys and gals that you did not know were vegan. Heck!, there were celebs I didn't recognize, vegan or not! I knew … Continue reading Top 20 Vegan Celebrities

The Vegan Teacher VS Gordon Ramsey

https://youtu.be/oyED0jLeoDc A Vegan Donut WHAT A HOOT! The hilarious and fitting name Chef Gordon Ramsey bestowed to the Vegan Teacher, that smarmy women who attacks him in the video. IMO (and maybe his too) she could be the most annoying person ever to advocate for the vegan lifestyle. That squeaky voice, those ridiculous and hurtful … Continue reading The Vegan Teacher VS Gordon Ramsey

We really like this vegan Doc

Thank goodness for all the great vegan doctors out There Wow! This is a young Dr. Bernard and thank goodness he is still alive and well, still telling the world the benefits of a plant-based, whole-foods approach to nutrition. Saying things like he did about the Beef Industry can get you the Jimmy Hoffa treatment … Continue reading We really like this vegan Doc

The all or nothing Vegan

The dictionary defines a Vegan as a person who does not consume meat or dairy products that come from animals but instead eats plant-based foods. Does that mean if a follower of the vegan lifestyle "cheats" by eating meat or dairy at some point in their journey they are no longer vegan but a flexitarian? … Continue reading The all or nothing Vegan

Mind your vegan Tongue

The vegan tongue is a muscle and requires Training The first thing I learned when I became vegan (a short four months and -20lbs ago) was to learn how to obey my taste buds instead of allowing my mind's stored memory of a particular food to overrule the actual taste of what I was eating. … Continue reading Mind your vegan Tongue

What Makes A Vegan?

According to Wikipedia, Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly as food for human consumption, and an associated philosophy that rejects the economic status of animals, animal agriculture as it pertains to the environment, and the belief that following a plant-based diet is good for their health. That's the … Continue reading What Makes A Vegan?