The Vegan Paradigm

Politicians love the word paradigm and use it freely, thinking it will confuse the masses and make them seem intelligent, but few know it's real meaning, which is - 'a framework containing the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodology that are commonly accepted by members of a scientific community.' Ok so if we … Continue reading The Vegan Paradigm

The carnivore Cure?

Holy cow! An "elimination" diet based on meat consumption Fake news? Here at the vegan swamp we like to be fair and balanced (thanks Bill) and report the good with the bad with news and commentary about vegans and veganism. So, when I saw this image posted on FB in a vegan humor group, I … Continue reading The carnivore Cure?

Lower Your Cowlestoral

Cow A Bunga! CowABunga! An exclamation first uddered by Chief Thunderthud on the Howdy Doody Show back in the TVolithic period. Loosely translated it means: do not eat cows! Everyone should know by now that meat of any kind is not good for you. It isn't much better for the animals either to put it … Continue reading Lower Your Cowlestoral

The vegan fat Farm

The Marines and the Power of Veganism In 1968 when I became a lowly Boot in the United States Marine Corps I was a slim 150 lbs at 5'9" tall. A few of my fellow enlistees were not so fortunate. The ones who were overweight and out of shape who joined the Marines to lose … Continue reading The vegan fat Farm

Vegan Protein By The Bundle

A little pricey for an untasted investment in finding different vegan plans for this vegan but if you are of the adventurous vegan crowd and you got some spare change you might like the Protein Bundle from MamaSezz. I personally feel I get all the protein my body needs from vegetables but I seem to … Continue reading Vegan Protein By The Bundle

Vegan Pathfinders

Pioneers of the Vegan Movement The modern vegan movement came to life during World War II in Birmingham, England, with the founding of the Vegan Society, which waged campaigns against cruelty to animals, particularly horses, mules, and oxen. By World War II, Western society was powered by motorized equipment, and animal advocates pivoted to focus on farms and laboratories.

Mind your vegan Tongue

The vegan tongue is a muscle and requires Training The first thing I learned when I became vegan (a short four months and -20lbs ago) was to learn how to obey my taste buds instead of allowing my mind's stored memory of a particular food to overrule the actual taste of what I was eating. … Continue reading Mind your vegan Tongue

It’s never too late to become Vegan

After 72 trips around the sun you would think that old habits would be near impossible to break, especially when it comes to food. The very thought of eating fake burgers and nuggets at first made me want to act like Piers Morgan did with his vomit stunt over a vegan sausage roll. Maybe with … Continue reading It’s never too late to become Vegan