A vegan too Far

From the Idiots Covered in Fake Blood Department

A vegan who practices extreme veganism, a plant-based freak of nature, one, who in our book, goes too far even by liberal standards, using aggressive tactics, ones that are pushy, obnoxious and intimidating in an outrageous attempt to gain attention, and in so doing, persuade the meatheads to turn their backs on meat, tactics aimed at butchers, abattoirs and farms. Vegans who demonstrate in support of veganism are ridiculed as a militant cult, fueled by social media trolls.

Extreme Vegans?

And by going too far we are referring to the practice of an ‘eye-rolling’ extreme example of vegan activism. Vegan ‘fundamentalists,’ crazy, self-righteous social justice warriors that will do anything to keep the meatheads entertained and outraged.

Do they need to be taken seriously? Or are these kinds of ‘activism’ hurting the cause?

Veganism may be more popular and widespread than in the past – but it still has an image problem. 

Anti-vegan Sentiment sets veganism back a step when mainstream acceptance is the goal. Just one pontificating vegangelist with fake blood on their hands is enough to get ‘normal’ people shaking their heads in outrageous wonder at the behavior of “those people.”

Why people hate vegans? Vegan activist behavior defined by I Am Going Vegan

But before that we must loudly unclaim what the Croc has to say about it – with his warped views of everything vegan, you could call him biased.


By reading these lists, you get to decide what vegan activist behavior IYO goes too far. We welcome comments on the kind of vegan activist behavior that you find offensive or abhorrent. Hilarious is good too.

  • Vandalizing a butcher shop. This could result in getting you in hot water with john law, busted by a patrolling cop, or worse yet, some shop owner, sick & tired of being vandalized, decides to live on the premises, armed and dangerous!
  • Occupying a non-vegan restaurant, chanting or holding signs to promote veganism. It’s bad luck to draw attention to yourself especially if you are not so good looking – Is it just me or does anyone else see that protesters (of any kind) are usually fat, ugly, angry, morons?
  • Yelling at or harassing people for their involvement in non-vegan industries. If you disrupt my hundred-dollar dinner with this gorgeous chick who has that ‘look’ in her eyes I’m going to slice off your activist a** with the nearest and dullest butter spreader I can find!
  • Expressing that you’re grossed out by someone’s meat-based meal (saying “ew”). Some other dipshit at the party will hear MOUSE and the ensuing panic overturns the whole meat-laden table!
  • Using the words “rape,” “murder,” “slavery,” or “holocaust” to describe animal agriculture. Those are strong words partner! But if you have ever been to a slaughterhouse or seen a video it’s difficult to use any other terms.
  • Showing graphic images and videos from factory farms and slaughterhouses to convince people to go vegan. Remember those old Amway parties where they would put the arm on you to buy a garage full of soap!
  • Feeding your dog or cat a vegan diet. My cats seem to thrive on canned cat food just fine!
  • Not supporting a mostly vegan product because animals were still used in some way in its production or it was tested on animals. Good luck finding out what sort of animal was tested to make a shirt produced in Vietnam! Water buffalo?
  • Being grossed out when people use your kitchen utensils with non-vegan food. Nobody cooks in MY kitchen.
  • Using guilt as your main rhetorical tool to convince people to go vegan. It only causes that famous condition seen on social media – backlash!
  • Being an “abolitionist vegan” whose only message is to go fully vegan. See my post titled: The All or Nothing Vegan.
  • Having the end goal of a completely vegan world. We know the meatheads will never surrender but our kids can sure make them feel the pinch when veganism becomes mainstream.
  • Thinking you’re morally superior to non-vegans. Usually reserved for ex-smokers and alcoholics these people can really get on your nerves.
  • “Imposing your diet on others” (trying to get others not to eat animal products). If you are out with friends and everyone orders a meat dish, don’t start with the Crocodile Tears, blathering on about how you are saving yourself, the animals and the planet, by eating only plant-based, blah, blah, puke, ugh, gag, etc
  • Breaking into factory farms to free the animals. Baby goats are called ‘kids’ which loosely translates to ‘kidknapping’ an act that can have dire consequences for the knapper doing the ‘kid’

    But that’s (fake) chicken feed compared to what Dex felt he had to add

    And further, your honor,

    Vegan Activist Behavior – From the Scenes He’d Like To See Department

    • Guys (or girls) running around half-naked at NFL games popping pink smoke. (What our military genius’s called Rainbow herbicides in Vietnam.)
    • Super Gluing hands to dairy cases. They don’t call it Super for nothing! It only comes off with 9 layers of tender, (never worked a day in their life), palm-skin, left behind, as it’s TORN from the milk case glass by an angry dairyman!
    • Making a dietary choice just to annoy meatheads. Going to a steakhouse, ordering only steamed kale.
    • How do you know if someone is a vegan? They’ll tell you within the first 60 seconds of meeting you.
    • Vegans using examples of food being used for political ends that nobody wants to listen to. Of course, what we grow, harvest, fatten and kill is political. The Meatheads in government rule, for now.
    • Vegans who relish their status as victims. “Mommy, some meathead threw a rotten egg at me during our demonstration outside Joe’s Meat Shop and it stained my ‘no animals were used in testing’ T-shirt!”
    • Vegans who claim discrimination just like other minorities. Vegan Lives Matter!
    • Vegans who claim a certain status, ex-smoker types, “level five vegans” who refuse to eat anything that casts a shadow. (as seen on an episode of The Simpsons!)
    • Burning leather clothes and furniture – usually someone else’s or their parents.

    As a vegan armchair activist and the publisher of this nonsense I thank you for visiting and good-veganizing to you!

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