Bummed out in Veganuary

IMO, worst month of the year! Cold outside with spring nowhere in sight. Post-holiday blues at an all-time high, Christmas bills due, tired of the same old vegan meals. Looking for something positive to lift me up. I’m not alone, says the wife, as if that will make me feel less bummed.

But wait! There is something that will lift us all out of those doldrums – an inspirational TV COMMERCIAL, Huh? Surely, you jest, a freaking commercial? Why would the dumbest human behavior anyone could ever come up with, made as if we are all just morons waiting to see the next cutest animal, cause us to rush to the phone and buy something we don’t need? It’s The Great American Tragedy.

Take the plant-based Challenge

Veganuary – A legit vegan charity aimed at Pregans for them to try the vegan challenge, one month of eating vegan, providing constant encouragement via email – designed to help continue a new plant-based lifestyle beyond the first 30 days.

I wanted the Blue rattle!

Still got the post-holiday blues from overeating. I pigged out, thinking of the Last Supper on December 31st. Maybe your new year’s resolution to lose weight has already tanked, those Christmas gifts you splurged on, their CC bills sitting on the kitchen table, the news on TV is the same old garbage, political shenanigans, mass shootings, murders and general mayhem. Kids came to visit with their faces planted in their latest device.

Bummed out in Veganuary

60’s Slang that us Baby Boomers still use today!

Bummed – Sad about something.

Bummer – Bad news about anything.

Bummed Out – temporary sadness about something.

Totally Bummed Out – really bummed out about something.

Un-bum – to cheer up.

Next year, I promise!

Maybe, like some of us here at the Vegan Swamp, you are totally bummed out that the holidays are over. Kind of despondent that you didn’t get that gold necklace or that BMW in the dealership window? Don’t feel alone, we could all use a shot of positivity when the post-holiday gloom sets in, especially if we didn’t get what we thought we MIGHT get!

So, our friends at Veganuary came up with this uplifting ad that they hope will speak to the still bummed out among us, thinking that an advertisement would un-bum us. I don’t know about you but I personally have never been inspired by a TV commercial. This would be a first for me- but I will let you be the judge;

Dexter and the gang at the Vegan Swamp wish all our readers a Happy New Year and good eating in 2023! If you find yourself a bit disheartened or glum after the holiday festivities are over, sit in your favorite chair, lean back and close your eyes. Let only the good thoughts in, focus on what you do have.

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