Crocodile Tears of the Rich & Famous

Robin Leach is rolling over in his urn!

1st day of issue, Vol 1, Chapter 1


Dexter the BlogOdile makes his top picks for the rich and famous people/celebs/vegans who did everything they could in recent months to make the public feel sorry for their pathetic acts of stupidity and who attempt to lay the blame on their closest friends. When all else fails they revert to fake (Crocodile Tears) while making a fake apology,


dare we say it:

Russian Dis-information

And they expect us intelligent Americans to buy it! Aren’t we getting tired of the BS by the rich and famous among us? Nothing is a shock to our delicate systems, some overly ambitious folks don’t aspire to being just your average millionaire anymore, they all want to be billionaires, and all is fair in love and money.

When there is a shooting in a public place or a school, we don’t pay much attention anymore unless the media is telling us that there has been a new GUINESS WORLD RECORD set by a lone gunman who killed ‘the most people in history!”

We can’t even fathom a 30 trillion-dollar debt, hiding our heads in the sand from the truth – foreign countries own our asses!

Let’s for just a moment forget about the crap we see on the news every day and focus more on making fun of the rich and famous who tried to fool us with their phony acts of contrition after lying their lips off about their crimes fails to convince anyone of their innocence.

Just listen in awe as they weep, giving a Motion Picture Academy, award-winning performance at their ability to convince themselves they were the victims.

Crocodile Tears – An eye ‘irritation’ used to accompany fake tearful apologies when the guilty are busted beyond Redemption.

What’s going on in their heads as they sob those fake tears, are they still in denial, thinking apologetic thoughts? Or more likely thinking, ‘Are the sheep buying it?’ ala Jimmy Swaggert.

If there was an award for the Best Performance by a Pathetic Crybaby, presented in a Hollywood-like ceremony, we would call our ‘Oscar’ something appropriate like; The Crock, a statuette made in a mold of rotten vegetables, cast in the shape of a sobbing TV evangelist preacher, experts at dramatic displays of Crocodile Tears! And the presenter gets to slap them!

Crocodile Tears – everyone knows what they are, superficial displays of sympathy, a fake and insincere display of emotion, crying fake tears of grief. The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs which their own behavior does not conform to. Despite their tearful dramas, these ‘crockies’ ain’t fooling us. It’s only a pretense at being sorry, the very essence of hypocrisy.

Have they no shame?

Do unto others before they do you?

The Vegan Swamp proudly presents: This month’s picks for people in the News who were busted for shameless displays of Crocodile Tears.

But wait, Dex, you scaly excuse for boots, belts and handbags, the boss wants to know why you started this Crocodile Tears nonsense. Don’t we have enough work already, writing about meathead and vegan related follies? And what does this have to do with veganism anyway?

I know you said that affectionately, I understand insults like that are the way human males display affection for one another – but in the croc world I would bite your %&$%# off for it! Just tell the boss to cool his jets! There are two vegans on the list, extreme vegans, no doubt, but still claiming a vegan lifestyle, therefore qualifying this list as vegan related. So there, you dang &^%$$##$.

Leading the pack are our favorite whiny Royals

  • Meagan & Harry – I’m so tired of royals attempting to make us feel sorry for them and their pitiful mega-rich, woe is us blather. Don’t those royal types have everything anyone could ever want? Piers Morgan said it better than I could “”Never seen an unhappier ‘happy man’ in my life. Prince Harry’s a bitter, delusional, paranoid, family-trashing halfwit exposing & exploiting the Royals’ most personal secrets for gazillions whilst wanging on with jaw-dropping hypocrisy about media intrusion. He’s pathetic.”
  • That ‘alleged’ Killer in Idaho whose name we refuse to mention will plead not guilty, represented by a public defender at this time but how long will it take for the cavalry to arrive in the form of some George Soros sponsored ambulance chasers, anxious to outrage conservatives with claims of not guilty due to, pick any reason you like; abused as a child, bullied in school, a vegan, forced to eat meat by mommy and daddy, biased lady jurists, etc. All while sitting on death row getting weekly marriage proposals from other vegan nutbags.
  • Alex Jones – The idiot who thought he could get rich off the tragedy at Sandy Hook, saying it never happened. Get real you chump. The BS meter is off the scale with this fool.
  • Harvey Weinstein – he will never direct a movie from his couch again. That wheelchair act you put on in court didn’t fool anyone Harv – but it might have been a performance good enough for one of your jailhouse productions, starring your cellmate, Guido the Transgender, bi, non-binary, queer- killer pimp!
  • Chrissy Teigen – cyberbullying never looked so good. You should not bash people online. If you got a gripe with another skinny lady, discuss it like us little people do. Daddy Croc taught me” “if you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all” and we practice it at least 75% of the time!
  • Amber Heard – I used to respect Elon Musk a lot until I found out she was his current Teasela. I wonder if she took out a loan with ‘oh, you muskie, you!’ himself to pay off the million bucks she paid Johnny Depp.
  • Alex Ballwin – Mr. “I didn’t pull the trigger” Ballwin- a has-been western movie star. I liked his movies before he got dementia.
  • Taylor Swift – The singing sensation and former American Idol champ who couldn’t or wouldn’t help with the issue of astronomical and ever- changing ticket prices in Ticketmastergate, a blow to her fans who could not afford the fleece. But ‘It was out of her control. wink, wink.
  • Samuel Bankman Fried – brother have we got some swamp in the ‘glades’ to sell you! Bitcoin investments are not for the faint of heart investor, but he got his billions! And so did a lot of other people. He was seen at the US White House (I’m surprised the woke haven’t revolted yet to re-name the US Capital to something less ‘white’) to meet with WH staff and The Big Guy himself!

Exposing those guilty of exhibiting crocodile tears is a fun job. I got the cajones to say what other people are thinking! The blame game is a new art form perfected by crooks, celebrities and all sorts of mischievous folks. The drama created by fake apologies and denials when the liars are totally busted, will never get old. They see no way out except to admit the guilt, cry those fake tears of apology, then lay down at the feet of their flock and hope they buy it.

That’s when the fun starts.

Their attempts to ‘cry’ their way to forgiveness are legendary! People getting caught doing stupid and outragious things in America happen every, single day! – we will never run out of morons to expose, and criminal stupidity is not limited to individuals, stay tuned for groups, corporations and associations who cried Crocodile Tears and thought they could get away with it.

Not with Dexter, the BlogOdile, on the case! Eat your heart out Inspector Clouseau! RIP Peter Sellers.

Here is a sample of more shameless offenders, caught in a display of Crocodile Tears, coming soon to a theater near us:

Patrisse Khan-Cullors, the self-described Marxist leader of Black Lives Matter BLM


Colin Clensing Coperdink


Catholic Priests

And much more!

To paraphrase the famous line in Casablanca, “round up the usual suspects” The ‘crockies’ breed like rabbits.

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