The Lion Sleeps Tonight

From the Oldies but Goodies Department

Comes an African inspired folk ballad by The Tokens, Mbube in the Zulu language, meaning Lion, a song that was waayyy overplayed on AM radio after coming out in 1961, The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

What brought this song to my attention now? A ballad once heard, one that cannot be unheard for days (and nights), and YEARS. The mournful wailing and weem- a- way chorus that nearly drove me nuts because it was played ad nauseum.

And why would I bring it to the attention of our (mostly) vegan audience?

Danger! Will Robinson

Because tik-tok has made it a ‘Thing’

Yes, my fellow animal lovers, we are now faced with a new crisis. As if it wasn’t enough nonsense when that vegan hater Jordon Peterson came out in favor of the carnivore diet, claiming miraculous health-related results. Now the tik-tokkers are embracing another dumb diet trend, “The Lion Diet.”

It calls itself “a healing elimination diet,” and it consists of eating nothing but meat, salt and water for 30 days.

I would like to “eliminate” the idiots that came up with this Lion Diet madness.

Forget the cholesterol and fat. Maybe just 30 days of it won’t give someone a heart attack if they are lucky. What’s more important to keep in mind than bad LDL levels is the question as to who or what will suffer because of a simple fad.

Take a guess who will suffer the most? Our cows and sheep will be decimated by the millions of idiots who jump on this trend. In just 30 days we could lose more animals than Mad Cow disease cost us!

Meathead Stock on the Rise

The bolt gun is charged, the knives are sharpened, and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it except debunk the lion diet LOUDLY whenever and wherever we can. Let me be the first.

My guess is that the lion diet was invented by meathead companies to sell more beef products. That makes about as much sense as any other explanation.

The Lion Diet is a Bad Choice!

Despite the claims of Peterson and his daughter, how it reduced inflammation and headaches, many nutritionists question the safety and sustainability of the lion diet. 

Medical professionals are waking up to the benefits of a healthy and humane plant-based lifestyle. After all, who’d know better than they that a diet rich in vegetables and plant-based protein and low in cholesterol and fat can help prevent disease?

Vegan doctors are afraid to come out and say it, but I know for a fact this lion diet has them shaking their heads in frustration. After years of research and study to help us humans get proper nutrition, we slap them in the face with this crap! Real science has proven the benefits of a plant-based diet, devoid of meat, dairy and processed foods.

Our vegan Doc suggests that a lion diet for 30 days might be successful for weight loss only because of all the other stuff they DON’T eat, things like sugar or processed foods. However, a lion diet or carnivore cure is not sustainable.

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