Holy moly, Popeye is 90!

From the Beloved Cartoon Characters Department

Still vegan after all these Years

Even more of our beloved characters are getting old and some are experiencing some humanlike ailments as they age. Vegan or not we love them all!

Popeye is 90! Has been on a spinach only regimen since he first appeared on TV, now known on Tic Tok as the Spinach Diet. Spinach, water and salt is all you get for 30 days!

Alfred E. Neuman is 72! Who knows what that idiot might eat but we suspect he is a meathead!

Mickey Mouse wouldn’t even tell us his age!

After finally doing away with his old-time meathead arch-rival, Brutus, Popeye retired on a houseboat, moored in Spinach Harbor, WA to live a quiet life with his missis, Olive Oyl and with his other vegan friends, Jeep, and Swee’ Pea nearby.

Wimpy was uninvited because he still won’t try the Impossible Burger!

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