Fake meat sales Plunging

From the Fake Meat Department

It wasn’t too long ago that we first heard about Frankenmeat, faux meat grown in a lab or printed on a 3D printer. (what in tarnation is the stuff they use to feed the printer nozzle?) Those awful bean burgers didn’t make the grade so it was time to try something else that we could convince the idiots it was just as good as the real thing.

At the time the idea was so far out as to be nearly ridiculous. Lab grown meat would be produced en masse, packaged and accepted by consumers about the time cars really do fly!

It was consumer demand that brought on a need for grocery stores and fast-food joints to add fake meat alternatives to their regular offerings. Burger King was one of the first but declined to comment on this post. But I suspect it is doing about as well as the economy right now.

Now that the bloom is off the rose and the novelty of it having faded to black, fake meat is the new target in the ongoing backlash against corporate “wokeness.”

”Woke Washing”

Whole Foods is one company that adopted the fad, embracing it so completely that they restructured their whole company culture around it. (You gotta react fast with these ‘trends’ before they reverse direction, and you are left holding an empty money bag.)

They were not the only ones to dive into the dark pool of fakery, demand became so prevalent that more companies jumped on the band wagon — a phenomenon the Harvard Business Review has dubbed “woke washing,” a strategy of incorporating social activism into marketing materials.

At first this strategy worked, and they made big bucks for a time. However, the growing cynicism about woke capitalism has upset the apple cart. Recent data from Information Resources Inc. suggests that fake meat sales declined in 2022, while analysis from Deloitte Consulting LLP. indicates that the market may already be saturated in the U.S. because there is as of now a low percentage of us who don’t eat meat.

Mom ‘flies’ to the grocery store in 2050

Veganism has grown to 36% of the population. Plant-based, whole foods now dominate the shelves.

Fake meat is a thing of the past. It was banned in 2047 when it poisoned two congressmen who were told by lobbyists it was real beef.

Meat products are no longer sold in ‘health’ food stores.

Car’s do fly.

Q. Why are fake meat burgers so perfectly round?

A. Because they are grown in a petri dish!

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