Former ‘non-binary’ vegan tells All

From the Genderless Department

Gender non-binary means that an individual does not fit into the traditional binary categories of male or female. Non-binary or genderqueers identify as having no gender, pegged on a gender spectrum somewhere between male and female, or identify as totally outside binary gender identities. Huh?

WTH is a gender spectrum anyway? “A model where gender exists beyond a simple male/female binary model but instead exists on a continuum that can move more fluidly between masculine and feminine allowing people to identify with a more authentic model of their gender.” Who are the idiots that come up with this nonsense?

And if a ‘person’ is born with male or female junk and they decide at age eight to identify as neither, just what the heck are they? The fun part starts at age sixteen when they discover another identity hiding inside them and decide (with encouragement from Mom, Dad, their queer friends and their on-call plastic surgeon) to de-transition to something else.

If it walks like a Duck

After tearing our part time reporter away from the trans hockey game he was glued to on tv, (for research only) we directed him to the nearest gender clinic where he might find ‘someone’ willing to talk. Spoiler alert: Team Trans Hockey Club was going to lose big!

We’re open to just about anything that might help us understand this touchy subject, nothing shocks us anymore. If it bleeds, it leads!

It didn’t take long for him to connect with a ‘person’ who at first glance resembled a ‘woman’ dressed in women’s clothes, complete with skirt, high heels, annoying voice, etc and who just happened to be a vegan as well.

‘She’ claimed she had once briefly identified as ‘non-binary’, explaining that she did so because her sister’s boyfriend’s cousin’s best friend told her she heard a rumor that if she came out as NB she could soon get through airport security faster!

As good a reason as any to switcheroo we suppose. Most will do it for the attention. I would rather shoot at somebody famous! (even a Maggie’s drawer (a miss) would still make me famous, and I wouldn’t have to chop any body parts off!)

Your tax dollars at Work

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has spent $18.6 million in funding to develop and launch non-binary screening that will be deployed in U.S. airports in January. The x-rays and pat downs by TSA people on non-binaries should prove to make interesting conversation on the plane! We would like to be a mouse at one of the training sessions when they show old videos of Boy George, Tiny Tim and Caitlin Jenner!

From the ‘You Can’t Make This Sh*t Up’ Dept.

The good news is that they finally found a more fitting role for our ex nuclear government official, the red button is safe now. Re-hired, lest our government be accused of misogamy, IT will be assigned as the new Director of TSA’s Non-binary screening process. ‘His’ experience as a luggage thief will be critical to our mission.” JB

We have an idea that they will get through airport security faster because nobody with TSA wants to grope them. It’s a sad day in this country when a TSA person passes on an opportunity to strip search someone!

TSA data shows the agency receives 26,542 screening complaints annually. 6% of those complaints are from members of the LGBTQ community. Census data from Gallup, reveals that 7% of people identify as LGBTQ. Wow! A whole 6% complains and just like that, the queers get nearly 19 million for non-binary screening!

Another fine example of the ‘needs of the few, outweighing the needs of the majority.’

This gender madness IMO has gone too far. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it used to be a duck. Now if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, has feathers like a duck, it could be anything!

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