‘Twitter Files’ uncover vegan Suppression

From the Twitter Files Department

A copy of a secret Twitter memo from the Tweetmeister himself was provided to us by a former Twitter employee who is also a vegan but with the promise not to reveal his name. He was very detailed in his description of a “toxic” workplace and how he tried in vain to ‘spice’ things up by starting a vegan recipe club. He also mentioned that the vegans working there were vigorously opposed to the memo and who promised to sabotage the boss’s effort at censorship.


From: The Bearded One

To: All Twitter Employees

Date: March 17, 2022

From this day forward you will delete any Tweets by those crazy vegans. We have enough to worry about protecting HB, besides, we have no vegetable advertisers to worry about offending and the meat and dairy industry ads are very profitable. If any vegan nuts complain just throw them a carrot with the promise to look into it. wink, wink

Delete this memo after reading, or else.

Affectionately yours,

The Boss

Vegan Censorship

Among the other perks provided to employees, vegan Twitterites took advantage of the the free fruit and vegetables in the Vegan Lounge at Twitter HQ.

Unfortunately, all the vegan employees were fired in the new owners purge before they could act to prevent vegan censorship. But they left there with lumpy pockets!

The proof is in the vegan Pudding

As if the vegan movement needs more obstacles to overcome, now this. Twitter ordering all their geeks to delete vegan Tweets is a suppression of free speech and should be dealt with accordingly. The International Vegan Commission will be looking into it as soon as it is formed.

At least now we know the truth and can demand an explanation. Alas, the Bearded One is gone, never to be held accountable, and EM is in charge now and could care less. Vegan tweets now will carry little weight, the boss hog has fled the pen.

We encourage all vegans not to give up the fight, there is hope, it’s rumored that EM is a VEGAN!.

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