A Vegan Superhero?

From the Vegan Superhero Search Department


Maybe a character like this dude, a buff, heroic symbol, wearing stylish wayfarers, bulging muscles poured into a green suit, chosen by popular vote to represent veganism, would be a boost to the vegan movement. Superheros are IN!

The Hollywood superhero industry has re-invented the genre. It seems as though superhero’s have reached everyman status, there are just too many to keep track of. Marvel Comics has a massive library of more than 7,000 characters—and just as many may ‘soon to be coming to theaters near you’.

DC comics never enjoyed this much celebrity even in its Superman and Batman comic heydays.

Oh, how I wish I had saved all those dog-eared copies of Superman, my favorite superhero.

A Superhero just for Vegans

I would like to nominate Veganman as the official plant-powered superhero, representing veganism and the vegan movement.

I don’t know where I stole (borrowed for this post) this cool pic of a green colored vegan superhero but IMO it would make a great superhero to represent veganism. Just feast your eyes on those abs!

Our readers could invent all kinds of vegan style superpowers for him, hire a vegan musclehead to dress up like him at vegan events and offer a venue to have your picture taken with him.

Look up in the sky you vegans, it’s a bird, no, a plane, NO, it’s Veganman!

Faster than steamed Kale,

More powerful than a Loco Meathead

Able to leap tall cornstalks in a single bound

Able to crush tomatoes with his bare hands

You get the idea!

3 thoughts on “A Vegan Superhero?

  1. You see, there is no such thing as being a vegan. Identifying and labeling people as vegans tricks many into believing a person, or they, can be a vegan.

    We are “Most Important” because “Life is Most Important in Life” is always true. We are not doctors. We practice medicine. John is not a bad boy. He did a bad thing. The dog is not evil. It has a disease. We are not the things we do. When a person gets tricked into believing the flat out lie that they are a vegan, another can come along and threaten to take their believed identity away when not doing as told. We hear it all the time: “You’re not a vegan anymore”. It’s a cult mind control trick.

    Sure, loving the animals is spot on correct and so loving each other and ourselves, and compassion, and humility, and honesty, faith, and hope, and ethics, and all the rest. It’s jus that veganism itself has nothing at all to do with why all of those things are true. Teaching and promoting veganism is the bait and switch of the truth of the importance of life itself for nonsense using the valid life causes of the animals and people as bait.

    Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. -Martin Luther King Jr.

    You have that posted. Have you shared the truth that is the cure with your peers and encouraged them to take the time to understand we have what we need, not that the very truth that is the cure has been freely placed in your hand? Don’t you think people have a right to know? Don’t you think people trying to do the right thing should have what they need, even if those committing fraud in life causes will loose any possibly of having genuine integrity going forward forever if they get shared this truth and stifle it?

    Life causes are not for people without heart.

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