The transgender Dude

Coming soon to a girl’s locker room near you.

Can you blame the girls for walking out?

As an older guy, retired military and someone with nothing to lose, I will pose the question that everyone else is afraid of asking, WHEN DID THE NEEDS OF THE FEW COME BEFORE THE NEEDS OF THE MAJORITY? All this attention and controversy about the gender issues of just a few unhappy and confused people.

I’m speaking in general terms of men who feel compelled to re-invent themselves as female and the general confusion that exists about gender today. We can talk about the few ladies there are out there that want to be men later but IMO there is a simple overriding reason why a woman would want to be a man in today’s world – BETTER PAY! Just leave her brain alone!

Compared to the general population there are relatively few real transgender success stories to site, Caitlyn Jenner is the only one I can think of receiving so much attention.

There are some deranged morons out there promoting this gender-bender foolishness, willing to jump at any chance to promote transgenderism, and it makes those of us so-called NORMAL folks somewhat uncomfortable with all the hubbub surrounding it.

IMO Straight heterosexual human beings are not endowed with the understanding necessary to be tolerant of others with broken genes.

Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde?

OK we get it, there are many it seems that are confused about their gender BUT LEAVE OUR KIDS PRIVATES ALONE UNTIL THEY ARE OLD ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY ARE FEELING. (age 25 has now been proposed) Have you seen the stories on the news about kids who were transitioned now wanting a do-over, unhappy the attention has waned and now wanting the gender they truly were born with. Kids are suing their parents for having their privates wacked off at age 10. It’s a mess out there.

UPDATE 11-17-2023: On this day the Missouri House passed a pair of bills barring transgender students from participating on sports teams that align with their gender identity. Are you listening Lea Thompson?

IMO a guy with a penis is a dude, and however much they “identify” as a he/she/it DOES NOT BELONG IN THE (dare I say NORMAL), GIRLS LOCKER ROOM!

I read Bruce Jenner’s book and I felt compassion for him? While an Olympic hero, glorying in the celebrity, not able to enjoy it fully because he was conflicted, facing inner demons that no one could possibly imagine. Years of suppressing those feelings taking their toll. A woman trapped in a man’s body? Bruce Jenner! The guy on the Wheaties Box? Say it ain’t so!

Politics also plays a big role in this upside-down, gender switching world of the WOKE culture. The old ways were not good enough, the current fashion not being just tolerant of other choices but demanding the majority to take notice, shoving our faces into their mission, in an attempt to force us to accept the minority without discrimination.

I would rather fight than Switch

If I was a man, feeling entombed in a woman’s body, I don’t know what I would do. Fight it and suffer, accept it? Go under the knife? Or maybe just wonder if my sisters’ old dresses will fit?

Give those ‘confused men’ what they always wanted – their own breasts! Maybe if they had their own boobs they could look a woman in the eyes when speaking to them.

Boob fetishes are no reason to switch your gender!

Transgender surgery is not a TREND, a tik tok disease of the bored and lonely or a fleeting fantasy. There is a lot of pain associated with it that people don’t talk about, instead making it seem easy and painless to the I-want-it-now generation.

It’s only an affliction of the few but those few make a lot of noise. Any attempt to denigrate a person (joking or not) under the protection of the LBGTQ crowd will result in loss of sponsorships, career and more. Just ask Dave Chappelle, the stand-up comedian under fire for his tranny jokes.

Our advice is don’t waste your money on expensive gender conversion surgery’s, instead for only $19.99 you can purchase Dexter’s DIY Gender Reversal Kit, one size fits all! Soon to be available on Amazon, no returns.

How to tell if you are a male in need of a gender switch:

  1. You can’t get aroused when leering at the half-naked models in old copies of the Victoria’s Secret Catalog.
  2. You cry during classic TV shows like Lassie or Dragnet.
  3. You feel the need to squat to urinate.
  4. You spend more time in the kitchen than in front of the TV watching football.
  5. You would rather go shopping than to a bar.
  6. Just being gay does not appeal to you.
  7. You just want to convert to get ATTENTION, thinking you can reverse it later after all the initial excitement fades.
  8. You believe you were not endowed with adequate ‘equipment’

We all know why women switch over to the dark side, it’s a man’s world they say. I can think of less painful ways to get a raise!

Other reasons why a woman might feel trapped by their own body and want to convert to male:

  1. They hate to cook.
  2. They want to double their salary at work.
  3. They would rather go to a bar than shop.
  4. They LOVE football.
  5. Small breasted and feeling left out.
  6. Life as an ugly man is better than being an ugly woman.
  7. Short hair is easier to care for.
  8. Make-up is expensive and too much work.

What does all this have to do with vegans or veganism, our usual topics, you ask? NOT A DAMN THING, IT JUST NEEDED TO BE SAID!

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