Do vegans heal faster than Meatheads?

From the Vegans Heal Faster Department

Are vegans more or less able to heal from moderate to serious injury than those who consume meat (meatheads)? A question that has spawned ongoing debate among those geeky types that live and breathe for the correct aroma of mold in a petri dish! But hey, somebody has to do it!

However, all kidding aside, research that answers the question as to whether or not a plant-based diet hinders or helps the body’s ability to heal is something we should be in favor of. How else will we know if a vegan activist will heal faster from blows to the head suffered during a protest? Knowing they can heal faster may convince other vegans to become activists?

Just give it to me in plain English

One side of the argument claims that a plant-based diet slows the body’s ability to heal, some research seems to support this, using chemistry babble to describe some nonsense about a lack of amino acid levels in the body, those being necessary components to promote the growth of protein molecules. I said English please!

Better heads than ours advocate a plant-based diet, proclaiming that in case of an injury it would speed up the healing process by keeping levels of inflammation in the good range. I am no doctor but as an older vegan with severe inflammation issues before becoming vegan, a plant-based diet quickly got it under control.

And that ain’t no joke!

“The closer you get to no animal products at all, the better off you’ll be.” Dr. Neal Barnard

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