The Vegan match Game

A new study says that one third of people wouldn’t necessarily be up for dating a vegan. Dating app surveyed 1,000 men and women around the UK to find out their thoughts on dating, love, and food. They found out that 34% of these people wouldnt want to date a vegan.

Another recent study polling 7,400 vegans and vegetarians from around the world found that more than half of vegans (52%) and four in 10 vegetarians (39%) wouldn’t consider a relationship with a meathead.

In addition, roughly one in eight vegans (12%) wouldn’t even consider dating a vegetarian!

Now that’s cold!

Each person has to honor their own moral compass, but if the potential for a solid relationship is there, if they had you at hello, you may discover you are willing to overlook a potential partner’s choice of food, give the new relationship time to grow and then if it becomes serious, over time, you can influence them to part ways with meat and dairy..

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