The cats that own this Vegan

From the We Love Cats Department

Hook, line and slinker!

My shelter kitties, four of them, cats that I could not resist adopting over the last five years from our animal shelter. Little paws grabbing my shirt as I walk by their cages at the shelter. TAKE ME HOME, they all meow in that mysterious cat lingo. Who can resist that?

If I won the lottery my small town would have the greatest, most modern animal shelter on earth, a place for cats and dogs both, the equivalent of the Taj Mahal, one that would dwarf the governor’s mansion here in the MO capital city!

Call me sick but I personally would have a dedicated house just for 100 cats of my very own.

Of course, we would only hire the finest vegan veterinarian staff to care for them, feed them the best foods, clean the litter boxes from hell, etc.

Did you know a group of three or more cats are called a clowder though these days it’s a term rarely used to describe a group of cats. Even rarer is a glaring of cats which refers to a group of them, all wary of one another, all standing around waiting for the first one to make a move.

A group of kittens is called a kindle. Who knew?

These four feline companions of mine, all with distinctly different personalities, Angel the stand-offish one, Monster the climber, Fluffy the mommy’s girl and Bubba, Daddy’s little boy. All needing their own version of attention and sometimes their antics are fuel for my imagination.

First to join our vegan clan – Angel

Then along came – Monster

Rounding out a 3some – Fluffy

last but never least – Bubba

Somebody stop me! The wife has threatened to walk if I bring home any more four legged friends.

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