The Mad Magazine of the vegan World?

Or is the Vegan Swamp destined for obscurity? Are we just another unknown wanna-be vegan blogger trying to be different from the vegan foodies?

If we had the talent of an Anthony Warner kind of scribe, IMO the John Grisham of nutrition writing, debunker of bad food science himself, the Angry Chef we could rule the vegan world online. Imagine his satirical genius coming out on the pages of Nutrition For Idiots or better yet if he were to write about nutrition debunking in MAD Magazine? Illustrated by Don Martin, WOW!

Bring us your submissions! We are a new and different blog and not as ‘sophisticated’ as we would like to be, and probably never will be if we can help it! Unlike those witty writers we admire, our distant and successful cousins at Mad Magazine we just don’t have that deep pool of talent available to us

We would have to be four carrots short of a bunch to compare ourselves to the genius of those responsible for bringing MAD to the masses. We would love to hear more vegan related stories, jokes, satire, cartoons, etc, from our readers, not just a ‘like’ on a post. “Not that there is anything wrong with that” – Jerry Seinfeld

MAD Magazine – my inspiration, is an American humor magazine, I refer to it as the satirical genius of ALL time, launched in 1952. I discovered Alfred E. Neuman in 1961, as a 12 year old boy, hiding issues of MAD under my mattress that I thought my Mom knew nothing about. (Mom’s know all!) It had built quite the reputation by then among conservative ADULTS as humor only fit for them, much too sophisticated for kids! It changed my life, satire being my favorite form of communication.

There is truth hidden among all that Satire

MAD offers up satirical representations of all aspects of popular culture, past and present, including movies and television, politics, celebrity lifestyles, and more.

MAD Magazine is known well for its hilarious takes on popular movies and television series. One recent issue offers a spoof of the popular HBO series “Game of Thrones.” Another issue takes a stab at the “Twilight” series of movies, based on the books of the same name, releases that are seen by many as cash-grabs aimed at young and willing teenagers.

We have witnessed some of the cash grabbing tactics of both the vegan-haters and the so-called vegan experts who spread bad science in exchange for fame and filthy lucre.

Readers of MAD Magazine are also treated to satirical entries about politics in the United States. Is there now or has there ever been a better time for more satirical follies. The US government’ shenanigans are numerous and are perfect fodder for a MAD type format. One writer hilariously documents what he refers to as “The Fifty Worst Things About America.” An issue titled “Welcome to Election Hell” exposes through satire the often hypocritical and deceitful events that take place in America during an election year.

If you look up the word hypocrite in any dictionary you can visualize a picture of your favorite politician next to the word. Nuff said!

MAD Magazine is also known for its comical pieces about celebrity lifestyles. One article takes a hilarious approach to the reasoning behind Justin Beiber’s rise to fame in spite of his seeming lack of drive and talent. Another comically speculates about what Jay Leno- and his chin- will do after the night show host’s retirement. Collect more classic cars of course!

If you enjoy satire as much as me and you don’t mind taking a lighthearted view of the things that go on every day in popular culture, then MAD is hands down your choice for daily laughs/exclamations/eye raising/hilarious/shocking, entertainment.

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