The woke Vegan

What is woke?

A racial slur?

An invention of the cancel culture?

The slang word ‘woke’ has grown from an ‘awareness of the truth taken in the context of our history’ to represent an excuse for needless rioting and destruction. Spun off by some woke politicians as progressive activism. When a person’s livelihood goes up in smoke on the streets of our city, rioting is the word that comes to the minds of most law abiding citizens, woke is the last word they use to describe it, no matter the race of the owner. Ask them what they think of progressive activism as they attempt to rebuild their lives.

The labels ‘woke warrior’, ‘wokerati’ and ‘woke worthies’ are often used to inflame people on the left, stirring them up into righteous, destructive mayhem who are then seen by conservatives not only as a threat to their history but as a threat to their future.

Woke is official

Merriam-Webster added the word to its dictionary in 2017, defining it as, “aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice).” The Oxford dictionary adopted it the same year, defining it as “originally: well-informed, up-to-date. Now chiefly: alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice.”

Now even feminism and accusations of white supremacy get in the game as well, (don’t pay any attention in the beginning of this vid, where the Peterson meathead, the lady that promotes the total meat diet.) Doc Barnard told me a long time ago that her success as a meathead is about what she doesn’t eat.

Does Vegan feminism exist?

Even more high-profile figures – from Piers Morgan (what do you expect from a guy that fake vomits a plant-based sausage roll into a trash can on live TV) to Elon Musk (I mostly like what this guy does except for his taste in girlfriends) – have recently given their takes on ‘woke culture’ and streaming giant Netflix was accused of being ‘unwatchable’ by Musk just last month due to what he called the woke mind virus. Musks words, not ours, he says “A woke mind virus is a way of thinking about social issues particularly issues related to race, gender and sexuality that assumes that any differences in outcomes between groups are due to power differentials.” Huh?

Maybe Netflix isn’t the greatest of all the streamers out there now according to some but I watch it regularly. It was worth every penny of the $8.99 I spend on Netflix each month just to see the Netflix series Extraordinary Attorney Woo Young Woo! and I only got that rate after I quit their service for lack of interest in their offerings. Soon after they enticed me back with the $8.99. How can you really complain about Netflix for that rate? What sneaky way will they get it back up to the regular rate of $18.99? Maybe after they WOKE up that some schlep is gettin all the goodies for $8.99 – Film at 11!

Is being woke a good or a bad thing? Some believe it’s a good thing because it helps bring awareness to problems faced by minority groups in our country. In terms of erasing our history wokeologists fail to take into consideration the context of the times. Suddenly, context of the times goes out the window in favor of wanton (gleeful) destruction of symbols that meant so much when erected. Honor for the person and the office come crashing down in a disrespectful manner regardless of what they meant to us at the time they were placed in positions of honor.

Vegans are woke

What does woke mean to a vegan? It’s as simple as this: When you finally WAKE UP and discover your previous life as a meathead is harming so many people, not to mention the poor animals, and the planet. You then WAKE UP and turn to the plant-based way of eating. and the life changing benefits of veganism. And the best part is RACE has nothing to do with it!

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