Are all the top-ranked Vegan Bloggers Vegan Foodies?

“Not that there’s anything wrong with that” – Jerry Seinfeld

So how does a nobody like me in the vegan blog world compete with kale and get some attention? Those top ranked vegan foodie blogs are full of ads, they must be making bank! But don’t you have to have more than a thousand subscribers before you can even think about affiliate programs or ads for companies competing within your niche? If that’s true, I ought to be making it big right around the time animal ag destroys us all unless we stop them.

I can’t compete with those vegan recipe blogs, I’m too lazy to cook, my few go-to recipes are on stained 3 X 5 cards, with ingredients now taboo. Have you seen the ingredient list for some of those vegan dishes? Holy moly! Long as your arm. And those substitutes for butter and cheese? Yeck, Maybe I should have started the Lazy Man’s Vegan Cookbook.

I eat vegan out at a Vietnamese cafe three days a week and survive on vegan veggie and nut munching the rest of the time. My success or lack of it with a non-foodie vegan blog will ride on what I think is humorous enough to share and scenes we’d like to see scenarios hatched in an active imagination. To grow we must entertain. I got all the back copies of MAD Magazine to inspire me!

In researching what our place in the veganverse was to be with the Vegan Swamp blog we looked first at those who are successful now. What are they doing that helps them show up in top search results organically which means they got there the old-fashioned way – they earned it!

It’s said by all the SEO gurus out there that if you want your blog to be successful you got to do this, do that and do it often and more and link this, blah, blah. For those too impatient to get top search results the organic way they can go the pay-per-click route. I admire those that have the bucks to spend on adsense campaigns but those clicks mount up quick! Have you ever heard the sound a Geiger Counter makes as the mike approaches a ‘hot’ zone? that’s what pay per click sounds like if you don’t drill the well deep enough.

Just how many ways are there to make kale

A Veganmillion if you were to count all those vegan recipes on the top ranked vegan blogs. Ok, so I exaggerate a little, but still!

Discovering that most of the top-ranked vegan blogs were about who has the easiest to make, simplest ingredients, tastiest vegan recipes, the coolest food images, lots of feedback via comments and ping-backs, tons of subscribers, etc. I knew there was no way to worm my way into this internet cash bonanza as just another vegan foodie, copying and pasting the recipes of others. If nothing else the Vegan Swamp will feature original content, when something is ‘borrowed’ full attribution is provided with a link.

The science behind veganism is there, no longer can we doubt the findings of scientists such as Colin Campbell, MD. We know we have lots of work to do to protect the animals and stop the destruction of our planet. Even if you don’t feel the need to run around in pink smoke, half naked, dodging NFL meatheads you can still support those crazy vegan activists that have the cajones to confront the NFL on their own turf They didn’t score any points at the games but they maxed out the AWARENESS meter.

Since taking my clothes off in public is out of the question, (how do you expect to score awareness with all eyes averted?) And you have to be young I think to outrun whoever is chasing you. So, I have to conjure up some other kind of way to contribute to the vegan cause, a strategy that embraces both the negative and positive of the vegan movement with regularly published posts on a blog about anything vegan related – as long as solid vegan info is included in the mix with plenty of humor and satire to stimulate the vegan appetite for good humor. That is my contribution.

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