PETA goes undercover to expose turkey Abuse

PETA investigator exposes cruelty to turkeys

Last week workers in a Pennsylvania turkey slaughterhouse were busted by an undercover agent of PETA when video evidence showed workers stomping, kicking and viciously treating the birds over a three-week period.

Domestic turkeys haven’t been treated this badly since Les Nessman of WKRP fame tossed them out of a helicopter at Thanksgiving during the WKRP Thanksgiving Turkey Drop.

And this in a facility that advertises themselves as “animal welfare certified raising their animals “in a stress-free environment.Corporate BS that never made it’s bloody way to the killers on the front line.

Every night at a Plainville Farms facility where these people worked, turkeys were mistreated and killed in the most malicious ways. Multiple Plainville Farms were involved that spread among six counties. Charges are pending against 11 workers but it’s not clear how they will be prosecuted and punished if found guilty. It’s the largest animal abuse case in history.

On the job training for a serial killer

So, imagine the job of turkey murderer, a smile on his face as he draws back his club, “this one is for you bit*h”, laughing, making jokes, obviously enjoying the suffering of not just the poor bird but by whoever else was in his mind as he swung. (wife, kids?)

Should we expect anything less from a guy who only rose this high in life. His wife complains daily of their lack of this, lack of that, the kids are on his case about getting the latest cell phones, his car barely runs, his son on drugs. This guy is an emotional time bomb. What happens when he bores of abusing turkeys?

Abuse of a Turkey or any other animal is about exerting power over the only helpless thing available, whatever that turns out to be. And PITS is no excuse!

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