The Mad Magazine of the vegan World?

Or is the Vegan Swamp destined for obscurity? Are we just another unknown wanna-be vegan blogger trying to be different from the vegan foodies? If we had the talent of an Anthony Warner kind of scribe, IMO the John Grisham of nutrition writing, debunker of bad food science himself, the Angry Chef we could rule … Continue reading The Mad Magazine of the vegan World?

Cats love Vegans

Because they SMELL good! But Meatheads sometimes don't smell so good, especially close up! Just ask a person who only eats plant-based, whole-foods and they will agree that vegans have little to no offensive odors. Before the commercialization of meat products made it more available to the masses, it was easy to identify the more … Continue reading Cats love Vegans

The woke Vegan

What is woke? A racial slur? An invention of the cancel culture? The slang word 'woke' has grown from an 'awareness of the truth taken in the context of our history' to represent an excuse for needless rioting and destruction. Spun off by some woke politicians as progressive activism. When a person's livelihood goes up … Continue reading The woke Vegan

The inebriated Meathead

Here is one very slanted way of looking at history to fit a conservative viewpoint. This bit of nonsense was sent to us by a reader, and it was in regard to one of our previous posts, Conservative Vegan vs Liberal Vegan. They would not say it was written by them and they deny knowing … Continue reading The inebriated Meathead

Veganism needs a Mascot

The vegan movement could use a cool mascot, a loveable cartoon character, one like almost everyone will recognize ie Tony the Tiger, the Geico lizard, Limu the Imu, Pillsbury Doughboy, etc. I want to nominate Dex, but is he cute enough? Maybe have to 'cuten' him up? By now, consumers are accustomed to seeing animals … Continue reading Veganism needs a Mascot

Are all the top-ranked Vegan Bloggers Vegan Foodies?

"Not that there's anything wrong with that" - Jerry Seinfeld So how does a nobody like me in the vegan blog world compete with kale and get some attention? Those top ranked vegan foodie blogs are full of ads, they must be making bank! But don't you have to have more than a thousand subscribers … Continue reading Are all the top-ranked Vegan Bloggers Vegan Foodies?

The Vegan Paradigm

Politicians love the word paradigm and use it freely, thinking it will confuse the masses and make them seem intelligent, but few know it's real meaning, which is - 'a framework containing the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodology that are commonly accepted by members of a scientific community.' Ok so if we … Continue reading The Vegan Paradigm

PETA goes undercover to expose turkey Abuse

PETA investigator exposes cruelty to turkeys Last week workers in a Pennsylvania turkey slaughterhouse were busted by an undercover agent of PETA when video evidence showed workers stomping, kicking and viciously treating the birds over a three-week period. Domestic turkeys haven't been treated this badly since Les Nessman of WKRP fame tossed them out of … Continue reading PETA goes undercover to expose turkey Abuse

Best vegan quotes and sayings to inspire Veganism

Courtesy of Vegan.Rocks Which of these quotes would inspire someone to become vegan? I highlighted some of my favorites. “Love animals, eat plants, be kind.” “Being an animal lover means not eating meat.” “Being vegan is not a trend. It’s an awakening.” “World Peace begins in the kitchen.” “Animals are here with us, not for … Continue reading Best vegan quotes and sayings to inspire Veganism

The silence of the Vegans

Could a vegan become a cannibal? Hannibal the Cannibal Under the right circumstances, such as life or death, I think maybe even a strict vegan would be tempted. In 1991 The Silence of the Lambs, a psychological horror novel by Thomas Harris was adapted for the silver screen and made into a film by the same … Continue reading The silence of the Vegans