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You can imagine my disappointment when I thought I would cleverly register the domain name, ‘’ and found it already taken by someone quicker on the draw. A Google search for the single keyword ‘vegan’ results in ‘vegan food near me’ as it appears organically in the number two spot with over 200,000 searches for that keyword string globally per month. I had to have it!

Since it’s supposed to be a good thing for your blog to have popular keywords in your domain name for SEO purposes, I figured getting a popular domain name like ‘vegan food near me’ was a no-brainer. Alas, it was already registered at which is a GoDaddy brand domain registration service. Why GoDaddy thinks they need another domain registration service is perplexing and I will leave it to somebody more qualified to talk about that stuff.

Anyway, the domain ‘ is too long for one thing (the SEO gurus say keep it short) and It’s only parked there to be re-sold. Wowza, it’s for sale! There is no website or blog associated with it so IMO it is wasting it’s highly searched name by letting all those ‘vegan food near me’ searches go to a parked domain. The bounce rate must be through the roof!

Maybe I’m over-simplifying here but if I owned a highly searched domain with the name itself being the title of a blog I could easily create, and I’m no webmaster, wouldn’t you think that would get a lot of traffic to my blog? Well, that’s my strategy anyway. I could link it to my other blogs (4), all that linking around to relevant sites is supposed to help the search engines find us vegan newbie bloggers. Have you tried to register a ‘vegan’ domain name recently? You might be surprised at how many of the good ones have been registered with ‘vegan’ in the title. But that’s all mute now, big Dan got the ‘vegan food near me’ domain name prize!

I personally don’t like to make a habit of buying domain names anyway and the sellers generally want too much money for them.

Vegan blogger Hi-jinks

By now you may notice that I use the ‘vegan food near me’ keyword string ad nauseum throughout this post with links to other vegan related stuff, domain registers such as WordPress, GoDaddy and also back to my homepage at Vegan Swamp, I don’t get paid for any of this, at least for now, I do it because it’s a service to my readers and- That’s what all the guru’s told me I had to do to get more readers) I’m much too new at this and too small for any advertisers to call so at this point I can say with all honesty that I do these links to other sites to offer additional and relevant opinions on a given subject.

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