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Good news for the vegan Epicure

An epicure is a person who takes particular pleasure in fine food and drink, delighting in food that is properly prepared.

Vegan Tours, presented by The Vegan World is a travel niche I never would have imagined back in the day as a Pregan (life before becoming a vegan) travel agent. I came to embrace veganism late in life, conditioned since growing my first teeth to eat meat and drink milk. In 2022 a travel niche for vegan epicures has emerged, vegans who want to experience the preparation and taste of vegan cuisine while enjoying the scenery and history of other countries.

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I should have guessed someone in the travel industry would eventually come up with this great idea now that veganism has become more popular, and timing is everything in the travel industry!

I knew nothing about veganism when I was employed to promote, organize, and conduct golf tours for the John Jacobs Golf Schools new in-house travel agency, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, waaayy back in 1991. For nearly a decade I led golf groups from the US to famous golf destinations all over the world, including Scotland, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, Mexico, Hawaii and more. My favorite you ask? hands down, the Old Course at St. Andrews. Goose bumps for 18 holes! And so many other links style courses to choose from.

Travel consumed my pregan life in the travel industry for over 20 years in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. As a long-time golfer myself I was living the dream! And I was still young, in my 30’s!

I didn’t want to wait to see the world until I joined the other blue hairs on my first geriatric cruise.

Now I am retired, very active (still chasing the little white ball) and a fully Woke vegan totally invested in the vegan lifestyle, plant-based, whole-foods on the menu instead of what I consumed all those years out of sheer habit and not knowing any better. Me and everyone around me clueless at the time as to what it was doing to the animals, the planet and our health.

I appreciate the efforts of a travel agency filling this growing niche and their interest in providing their clients with a growing roster of the best vegan foods available in vegan destinations. And the list keeps growing as plant-based consumption, animal welfare, and concern for the environment gains mainstream support.

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