Calling all vegan Newbies

I found this great article, An Introduction To Vegan Diets, written for those new to veganism and becoming vegan, with our thanks to the folks at

Some of the basics talked about are:

Are vegan diets healthy?

How do you go vegan?

The kinds of food vegans eat.

Vegan restaurants.

And much more.

Why go Vegan?

Most of us know by now why we choose to eat vegan not only because of the significant health benefits compared with non-vegetarian diets but what it means for the animals and the planet. What most of us could benefit from are ideas that help us to incorporate it into daily life. Vegan recipes, lists of spices to have on hand, tips and tricks to make vegan cooking no more difficult than cooking anything else you used to eat.

First, ask yourself what kind of vegan you want to be, meat free but some dairy, meat and dairy free but keep the leather sofa? Or one of those who feel you ain’t vegan until you are ready to do this:

How to become a vegan activist!

An unsettling example of extreme vegan activism

Does this kind of extreme vegan activism go too far?

This was a brutal public scene, staged just outside a grocery store in Australia, a country that seems to be at the center of extreme vegan activism.

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