The Sinking of the S.S. Carnivore

On it’s journey to the abattoir, the cargo vessel, S.S. Carnivore, registered in Meatavia, took a wrong turn and found itself trapped in the quagmire of the Vegan Swamp. Weighted down as it was with nutri-bullsh!t and unhappy animals, snarled in the tangled vines of psuedoscience, it quickly capsized.

Abandon ship!
Thanks Pat at DC Comics

Fortunately for all aboard Swamp Thing was in the area, he quickly left Adrianne with the kids and jumped into action, scuttling the meatheads boat and rescuing the animals and crew.

Silly analogy but sometimes fantasy sells a message better than real life Yak Yak. Stirring the imagination opens the mind to things that don’t usually get thought of without outside stimulation.

If you are old enough to remember MAD Magazine in the 50’s and 60’s, a sort of sophisticated comic book, kept hidden in a sock drawer from Mom and proudly displayed to friends when they slept over. “You got MAD? Coooooool!”

Who let the Vegan in here?

Within Mad’s pages of satire and killer cartoons they featured a really funny segment called “Scenes We’d Like To See” which was basically their staffs comedic genius’s at work coming up with the best of satirical takes and lampooning of real-life situations. I found it hilarious and enlightening.

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The current reality show of politics, often well beyond satire, could use that kind of fictional treatment but even comedians like Chris Rock are afraid to offend JUST THAT ONE PERSON WHO FINDS HIS JOKES OFFENSIVE.

Here is a perfect example of a scene we’d like to see!

Keep stirring that WH pot there Pete!

Imagine a fictional press conference taking place at the White House featuring our VP, Border Czar (how is that workin out for ya kammie?) and Chief Chuckler herself, Kamala Harris. Peter Doocy of Fox News stands up and asks the question, “Your relationship with Willie Brown has been described in print as ‘poontronage.’ How did you first meet Brown, and what was the basis of the relationship? I mean, you were 30, he was 60, and Brown was not exactly Billy Dee Williams.”  

That question would trigger the most fake hee hee’s we have ever seen from her. Would that be hilarious or what?

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