Conservative Vegan vs liberal Vegan

There are vegans of all shapes and sizes and without assigning any strange political label to a specific group of vegans, I will say this: I believe it is possible to be a conservative and vegan, but support for this view can be hard to find within the larger vegan community. The good news is that … Continue reading Conservative Vegan vs liberal Vegan

The gluten-free diet Cult

I always suspected there was something off about all this gluten-free nonsense. It just makes no sense to me that some people are so quick to jump on these dietary fads for no legitimate reasons. They are happy to force the food industry to adapt at great expense just to pacify those who need a … Continue reading The gluten-free diet Cult

Vegan food near Me

You can imagine my disappointment when I thought I would cleverly register the domain name, '' and found it already taken by someone quicker on the draw. A Google search for the single keyword 'vegan' results in 'vegan food near me' as it appears organically in the number two spot with over 200,000 searches for … Continue reading Vegan food near Me

The carnivore Cure?

Holy cow! An "elimination" diet based on meat consumption Fake news? Here at the vegan swamp we like to be fair and balanced (thanks Bill) and report the good with the bad with news and commentary about vegans and veganism. So, when I saw this image posted on FB in a vegan humor group, I … Continue reading The carnivore Cure?

People toot more than Cows!

7 Times more in fact! I always wondered if humans were worse than cows when it comes to emitting methane in the atmosphere now that we are paying attention to such things. That stinky gas, an offspring of digestion, is wreaking havoc with our climate it seems and the poor beasts are taking the heat … Continue reading People toot more than Cows!

Time to tickle a vegan funny Bone

How can you tell if someone is vegan? Don't worry they'll tell you. Why did the vegan cross the road? To tell somebody else that she is a vegan. The hardest thing about being vegan is waking up at sunrise to milk the almonds. You'll never have a beef with a vegan. He was so … Continue reading Time to tickle a vegan funny Bone

The Sinking of the S.S. Carnivore

On it's journey to the abattoir, the cargo vessel, S.S. Carnivore, registered in Meatavia, took a wrong turn and found itself trapped in the quagmire of the Vegan Swamp. Weighted down as it was with nutri-bullsh!t and unhappy animals, snarled in the tangled vines of psuedoscience, it quickly capsized. Abandon ship! Thanks Pat at DC … Continue reading The Sinking of the S.S. Carnivore

Top 20 Vegan Celebrities

Vegan Celebrities Hot from the wire and reposted from the Vegan Dispatch who "borrowed" it from VeganCuts is this entertaining post about celebrities who are vegan. You may find like I did some guys and gals that you did not know were vegan. Heck!, there were celebs I didn't recognize, vegan or not! I knew … Continue reading Top 20 Vegan Celebrities