Vegans and their Pets

A Vegan too Far?

This article by Jordi Casamitjana talks about why vegans should not have pets but can still share their lives with rescued companion animals. You might ask, what’s the difference? I would wager that there are a lot of Vegans who would take exception to this but IMO this takes the issue of animal welfare or lack of it a bit too far.

I too am concerned for the ethical treatment of all animals, one of the many reasons why I went vegan. However, it’s difficult for me to comprehend having a pet be considered as abuse of an animal. Far from it, Vegans make the best pet owners due to their concern for the welfare of all animals, in their minds allowing their beloved pet to represent the savior of all animals slated for the silver bullet that marks their demise.

Never trust anyone who doesn’t like animals

Or ask yourself why animals don’t like them.

Bill Murray “I’m suspicious of people who don’t like dogs, but I trust a dog when it doesn’t like a person.”

It’s funny that at this time Bill is being vilified by co-stars for his nasty behavior on and off the set. Can a person FAKE liking animals??

Have you ever known a person or acquaintance that your cat just hates? or one that your dog won’t trust to pet them? RED FLAG! I can just about guarantee you that further knowing of that person is a waste of your time. Show them the door before the ‘reasons’ of your cat hating them comes out in other ways. Cats KNOW! To carry on as usual, accepting their bad behavior, will later on result in you asking yourself ‘why is that person a friend’?

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