Veganomics is a Fraud

A book by another name

Ok so maybe the word fraud is a bit harsh but IMO it’s a misleading book title at best. Here is how the author Nick Cooney describes the contents: “Veganomics is a fascinating journey through the science on vegetarians and vegetarian eating, shedding new light on how and why people eat the way they do, and what impact their dietary choices can have on the world around us.”

Why would a new or even a long-time Vegan buy this book? Nick Cooney is an investor and advocate in the alternative protein industry and twenty years in the food & beverage industry. Does such a background justify his creds in writing this book? Not for me to judge but I do have my opinion for what it’s worth.

There are book reviews of all kinds, good and not so good. I don’t pay much attention to them, like movie reviews, it’s all subjective. This particular nasty review by a reader does not hold back, “Lying or withholding the truth in order to convince more people to go vegan? Not my cup of tea…” Another reviewer echoed my opinion on it with this view of the contents as simply, “a call for ethical vegetarianism and a review of surveys that may indicate what kinds of people may be most likely to heed such a call.”

I thought Veganomics would be a great domain name so of course it was already taken. Out of curiosity, I did a Google search for on Google, hoping to find some good info from someone who studied the economics of a plant-based diet, i.e. do you save money not buying meat and dairy? What is the cost in terms of dollars does it take to care and feed all the doomed animals? Can you be a vegan on a budget, etc.? Instead, I found that the website once associated with that domain was deleted. Maybe someone REALLY didn’t like the book!

Imagine the possibilities; one day there might be a college named Vegan U., offering an undergrad degree in Veganomics! Or even a PhD! Their football mascot might resemble a giant stalk of broccoli! I’ve seen worse!

Anyway, I had visions of creating a blog with the same title where I could post about some of the economic effects of a plant-based diet and point out what Courtney Linebarger did with her version of Veganomics, a great cookbook about eating vegan on a budget. Unfortunately, I will have to wait and see if that domain becomes for sale again before I let my imagination run away at the fun I could have with it.

3 thoughts on “Veganomics is a Fraud

  1. Hi,

    I was doing a quick seach in Duckduckgo on “vegan fraud” and that led me here.

    The truth that is the cure and prevention of all needless and preventable suffering and death is: “Life is Most Important in Life is The Most Important Truth in Life”.

    If a person does not care about that truth (the truth of the importance of life itself) and says or implies that they care about life anyway, then they do not honestly care about life. That’s not an opinion. All other truths depend on life being truthfully most important and always true to then in turn be true themselves.

    No one can present a truth without using life. It’s not opinion. It’s truthful fact that always applies equally to all whether they wish to admit and acknowledge it of not.

    Needless and preventable suffering and death can only occur after the truth that life is most important is dismissed and stifled.

    Veganism is cult that was publicly exorcised in the name of Jesus Christ on 8-13-20 for tricking people into replacing the truth of the importance of life itself with the nonsense that veganism is. While not needlessly harming animals is correct, veganism itself has absolutely nothing at all to with why needlessly harming animals is truthfully wrong. Veganism has no defined reason as for how, why, and how much life is truthfully important and as such is completely void of any truthful foundation whatsoever.

    Up to today, 12-2-22, over 20,000 people representing and endorsing veganism have been shared the truth that is the cure: “Life is Most Important in Life is The Most Important Truth in Life”. These people then stifled their the knowledge of that truth from their peers (without a single vaild reason to do that ever being presented by anyone, anywhere, ever) and withheld their responsible public endorsement and affirmation, and then claimed to represent life’s truthful interests anyway. In doing so, these people lost any possibility of ever having genuine honest integrity going forward ever again. They judged themselves guilty of eternal soullessness. It is most certainly soulless, pure wicked evil, to insist on causing all needless and preventable suffering and death going forward by withholding the the cure and one’s knowledge of it’s existence (without a truthfully valid reason) while simultaneously claiming to represent life’s truthful interests.

    They not only lost any possibility of ever having genuine heart, soul and integrity going forward, in many to most of those encounters, they also encouraged their peers to make the same mistake, which a great many did also make, as would be, and should be, expected of a person who themselves has already loat any possibility of ever having heart, soul, and integrity themselves.

    That is some of the detail of why veganism was exorcised. There is a lot more.

    You can see and check the evidence for yourself. Contact Nick and ask him if he was ever shared that truth. If he says he has, then notice he didn’t share it with you. Then go to every single major organization representing and endorsing veganism amd ask them the same. They were, almost all of them, from BlueHorizion, to Sea Shepherd, to Peta, to Mercy For Animals, to DXE, to every major news organization, to people in politics, to people have large social media followings, previously shared this truth. They didn’t affirm and share it. It’s a fact that rhe possibility that those people cannot ever honestly care about life going forward is absolutely completely true.

    They claimed they that they honestly cared about life. They were freely shared the truth that really is the cure, the very truth of the importance of life itself, the vwry truth that all other truths depend on to be true themselves, the very truth that is the truthful reason to live, love and care about life and to not needlessly harm life, the very truth that defines who we each are and why, and how important we each are and why, and then stifled that truth without a valid reason. They gambled all life on Earth (at the most pivotal moment in all human history where the life of the earth faces the prospects of global widespread devastation far beyond what any person has ever seen nine ways to Sunday) that they knew better, had a higher or an equal truth, or could, that would justify their own judgment to do that stifling, while flat out bluffing. The onus is on anyone claiming to represent life’s truthful interests who is shared this truth to provide a higher or equal truth without contradicting themselves to justify the stifling of it, if they are stifling it. You know, a person should not say that they care about the truth if they are going to refuse to accept it when it does not agree with their opinion and point of view.

    Using life to take any sort of issue with this truth shared is a contradiction.
    That includes not responsibly publicly affirming and endorsing and sharing it if one is claiming to represent life’s truthful interests. This applies equally to anyone shared it to their own capacity.

    Please stop brainwashing my peers into replacing the truth of the importance of life itself with nonsense and instead embrace the truth of the importance of life itself and share it in full responsible public witness.

    The dismissal of basic common sense truth at face value is the hallmark of cult mind control and brainwashing.

    The stifling of the very truth that is the cure and prevention of all needless and preventable suffering and death while simultaneously claiming to represent life’s truthful interests is the very evidence of damaging brainwashing and mind control.
    All “cults” must cause harm. There it is right there.

    You can look a little further into what happened at Uvlade for more evidence. The person who committed that horror probably was never shared this truth. Nor were the people who knew him. Had that happened,.maybe he, or someone else, would have made a better choice, such as admitting himself to a hospital or someone else identifying that he had something broken in his mind.

    It’s not ever open to negotiation that the children are truthfully most important. Yet, 20,000 people representing and endorsing veganism withheld that knowledge of the truth that is the cure without a valid reason. They nsisted on that, and every other single case of needless and preventable suffering and death going forward, occuring, when they choose to withhold the cure.

    Thank you,

    David Wishengrad
    Exorcist, 1st class

    1. Wow! Thanks for your reply David. You must feel strongly about this hence your long comment, much appreciate the time you spent writing it.

  2. Please stop and affirm before you even ask for a glass of water. It’s probably already too late and now you can’t be properly trusted with life of any kind ever again, but maybe not. Most people who claim to represent life’s truthful interests don’t last a full 2 minutes without responsibly publicly affirming that truth before they mess up and claim to represent life’s truthful interests anyway while in the state if stifling that truth.

    While I do feel strongly about that truth,as it always proves true and has actually been professionally reviewed by Professor Steven Gimbel himself (he is probably the person best with logic that is currently living) as correct with an additional, “I wholeheartedly agree”, it does not matter who shares that truth with another. It is correct and the actual truth that is the cure and prevention of all needless and preventable suffering and death. A person who does not care about that cannot possibly honestly care about life.

    Anyway, take care,
    David Wishengrad
    Exorcist, 1st class

    As a bonus, this is what Professor Steven Gimbel wrote:

    There is so much to be unpacked from that one short, seemingly trivial, sentence that actually contains both ethical and metaphysical elements.

    The word “important” in your sentence is an inherently ethical term because it talks – as the classical Greek thinkers did – about the goal of life. Aristotle, in his masterwork, the Nicomachean Ethics, says something very similar. All humans, by virtue of being human, have a common potential, a common end, a common goal. The goal is to be a good human, to live the good life. By “good life” he did not mean a life of pleasure, but rather a well-lived human life. The purpose of life was to develop yourself into the full, engaged, thoughtful, brave, generous being you could be. The purpose of a human life is the development of that human life. All else, everything that takes you away from actualizing your potential is problematic. Wealth, pleasure, glory – these are fine if they happen to come to you, but a life dedicated to seeking them for the love of wealth, the love of pleasure, the love of glory, is a wasted life. Sadly, our contemporary way of being tends to focus on exactly these distractions from what is truly important – life itself.

    But – and here’s the metaphysical part – the hard question is “what is this life?” It seems easy. It seems obvious. But as soon as you really start thinking about it, the question gets deeper and deeper. I don’t know if there is a single absolute answer, but as a philosopher and a philosophy teacher, I firmly and completely believe that the process, the search for the answer, is itself crucial. We need to think about the nature of life, the nature of both human life and life on earth (and perhaps beyond) in order to appreciate what an incredible thing it is.

    So, all of this is a long way of saying (I’m a philosopher, we love long ways of saying) I wholeheartedly agree with you. I also know the confused and dismissive looks you will get when you try to saying this to most people.


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