The Vegan Teacher VS Gordon Ramsey

A Vegan Donut


The hilarious and fitting name Chef Gordon Ramsey bestowed to the Vegan Teacher, that smarmy women who attacks him in the video. IMO (and maybe his too) she could be the most annoying person ever to advocate for the vegan lifestyle. That squeaky voice, those ridiculous and hurtful slurs, they are all fair fodder to use in her war against anyone not a vegan. Gives us normal vegans a bad name. Real vegans are quiet and let their veggies speak for themselves. No one can argue the science any more so when someone says “no way” to the idea they must have a vested interest in m&d. Moreover, being a vegan is a personal choice, so hurling made-up accusations at a gifted chef to fit her agenda, is irresponsible, hurtful to the real vegan/wellness movement and seeks publicity in the worst ways. Targeting a celebrity chef like Gordon Ramsey with a bunch of ridiculous and untrue rants is ridiculous

No matter how many times you may shout from the rooftops about the many benefits of a plant-based, whole-foods lifestyle including your love of all animals, your concern for the environment or personal health there will always be those who for whatever reason will not listen and still consume meat and dairy. And as long as they continue to prefer it, Gordon Ramsey, among many others at his level, will be the chefs they choose to prepare it.

If you want to see Gordon Ramsey cook a fabulous vegan dish check out the video. IN YOUR EAR, VEGAN TEACHER!

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