These plant-based Nugs Almost missed the Boat

I heated up some of these Ultimate Chick’n nuggets last night that I forgot was in my freezer, mostly cause I bought this killer gourmet mustard at my local organic store that I’ve been wanting to use more of and I couldn’t think of anything else to eat that was vegan that I had at hand.

So I stuffed some parchment paper into my airfryer basket and gave them high heat for 15 minutes.

Before I get to the results of this little experiment I must admit I am only vegan 3 months now so I aint no expert about what’s in the Ultimate bag or any other faux chicken nuggets bag, this protein or that carbs or that sugar, etc. This is only about how these tasted to me.

The other thing to admit is that I have never eaten another brand of plant-based “chicken” nuggets (although after eating these I want to try other faux-chicken nugget brands now) and I was not paid to endorse this product. If I was you could tell in an instant because I would only be posting glowing praise which you know is BS from some marketing “chic” anyway.

If You Can’t Have Chicken, Have CHICK’N Instead

I would give these about eight out of ten, they came out very crispy on the outside, sort like the old ShakeNBake coating on oven baked pork chops. The inside did not remotely resemble the texture of chicken but it held up well to the few teeth I have left, it wasn’t nauseous either as far as taste. It was a sort of pleasant, chewy lump of crispy something and my gourmet mustard really hid most of the taste anyway. At least give them a try, you might like them better than me. Or shoot me the ones you like and I will post here.

One hint of something important to vegan chow hounds everywhere that the makers of these things will never achieve: YOU CANT EAT PLANT-BASED “CHICK’N” NUGGETS LIKE POPCORN!

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