Lower Your Cowlestoral

Cow A Bunga!


An exclamation first uddered by Chief Thunderthud on the Howdy Doody Show back in the TVolithic period. Loosely translated it means: do not eat cows!

Everyone should know by now that meat of any kind is not good for you. It isn’t much better for the animals either to put it mildly. Plant-based, whole-foods are gaining traction everywhere.

We don’t need meat for protein, plenty of that comes from vegetables, after all, the meat gets it’s protein from the grass the animals eat.

Yes, it tastes good, fat usually does. Take it from someone who consumed meat by the cattle-car full for a lot of years, cooked every which way but loose! It wasn’t until I got my head surgically removed from my anus that I discovered I cared about what was really happening out there in slaughter land.

But does good taste outweigh the health risks from high levels of bad cholesterol? Does good taste excuse apathy for the environment? Does instant gratification at a BBQ cause harm to God’ creatures? Questions only cow eaters can answer when they wake up and what VEGANS already know.

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