The vegan fat Farm

The Marines and the Power of Veganism

In 1968 when I became a lowly Boot in the United States Marine Corps I was a slim 150 lbs at 5’9″ tall. A few of my fellow enlistees were not so fortunate. The ones who were overweight and out of shape who joined the Marines to lose weight like Dewey Oxberger did in that classic comedy, Stripes. They had no idea of the horror that was about to befall them.

Taking the Vegan Cure By Force

Just look at that firm chin!

What do Marines do in a situation where they have no options? They comply and wait for their chance to move. Adapt and overcome, right?

My Platoon (2085, MCRDSD, 1968) consisting of 100 patriotic young men who are about to begin a military journey like no other and one that exists today as a Brotherhood of men.

Where is the chow, general!

So, back to what us USMC Boots referred as the Hog Platoon – all the fatties (by USMC Standards for height and weight at that time) that enlisted to lose weight or just a few pounds over at enlistment were herded together, separated from the rest of us and never to be seen by these Boots again!

Lost in the Green Machine

Sent to the deep sands and swamps of the USMC vegan Fat Farm, abused night and day by raging DI’s who loved to hurt, fed giant salads and platters of raw veggies for three meals a day. They were able to lose weight QUICKLY, most only losing a few weeks of the cycle and joining other platoons. The others? Well, we don’t talk about them. These little piggies didn’t realize at the time they were temporary Vegans, who now may associate vegetables with pain. (PTVD) Post Traumatic Vegan Syndrome!

You Maggots Will Eat Your Vegetables

Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket was allowed to stay in his own platoon and fail just about every PFT test they had. Regularly tortured by the DI, brilliantly portrayed by the beloved Gunny Ermey. I loved that movie but I guarantee you there were no donuts being served in our mess hall in 68!

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