The all or nothing Vegan

The dictionary defines a Vegan as a person who does not consume meat or dairy products that come from animals but instead eats plant-based foods. Does that mean if a follower of the vegan lifestyle “cheats” by eating meat or dairy at some point in their journey they are no longer vegan but a flexitarian? Or worse, a semi-vegetarian?

It’s a personal choice but to me anything that is presented as strictly all or nothing is just a cult.

They say if a recovering alcoholic takes one drink they are no longer recovering no matter how many years sober.

They also say that a person who quits smoking will most likely go back to it full time by having just one cigarette.

A Catholic friend once told me they were taught that one step inside a non-Catholic church could get you excommunicated!

There are many examples of people stopping addictive behavior “cold carrot” (turkey is not vegan!) and then returning to that particular nasty habit after just one transgression. New vegans will find the transition from years of eating meat and dairy to veggies and fruit difficult and they deserve some slack.

However, meat and it’s by products are not addictive, you may like steak & cow’s milk a lot, but you can’t be addicted to it like cigarettes. If chemicals such as nicotine, a toxic substance, added to cigs to make you hooked, were added to meat you would have to spend a month in a clinic to quit.

Is the good taste of fat addictive? I still remember the days when a well-cooked hamburger hit all the pleasure centers in the brain just like a toke of premium ganja.

Now the truth is hard to find among all the pseudoscience and BS surrounding the subject of being vegan. To those who question it just reeks of bad science, loads of money going to the wrong people and maintaining the status quo. It has been a staple in our lives for many years with our government telling us at every opportunity how good it is for us. Only just now are we finding out the consequences of what these things are doing to the planet and our animals.

I would not be one to condemn a vegan for the occasional misstep. That pizza cheese or egg bits in your soup are not reason enough to condemn a person to the life of a faux vegan as long as they don’t make a habit of it. The cult of all or nothing in my opinion is too harsh. And there is nothing more annoying to me than a “recovering” anything preaching to the rest of us about how bad we are.

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