Detox Shmetox

Or How is That Lemon Water Working Out For You?

Our food myth buster and diet BS guru, Anthony Warner tells us in his book, The Angry Chef’s Guide To Spotting Bullsh*t In The World Of Food that the multi-billion dollar a year industry built around the popular subject of Detoxification is nothing more than a scam. The fact that the human body pretty much detoxifies itself is lost on these on those folks in search of profiting off the latest fad.

Following closely behind the gluten-free herd is the detox crowd, and if you believe in any of it I got some land to sell you in the Vegan Swamp!

I tried a 5 day detox once, it was called the cabbage soup diet and it nearly did me in. I was kind of ugly before but that 5 day detox changed me!

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