American Dairy Farmer Says Animal Agriculture Causing Climate Change Is BS

Me and Dex saw this artticle on the news this morning, You might expect a dairy farmer to say something like this in defense of their livelihood; “Americans are buying into this lie that animal agriculture causes climate change.” claiming that climate initiatives and a push for plant-based food are fostering anti-farm sentiment. That last part at least is true, anti-farm sentiment is changing – because science says it must.

And she adds that climate change proposals “put American’s food supply at risk.” Just what food is she referring to? Meat and dairy that’s what!

She blames rich guys like Bill Gates and corporations for the push to adopt plant-based foods, telling us not to believe it because “it is rooted in misinformation and ulterior (political) motives.” Wow, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

This dairy farmer lady named Nash takes it another step when she says “They can say it’s for the future, and they want to feed Americans, but honestly, they’re putting chemically grown food into our bodies,” Really!, she said this with a straight face! She goes on to say that lab grown meats like Beyond Meat contain synthetic preservatives and Red #3 food dye which was banned by the FDA for use in cosmetics in 1990, according to the Center for Consumer Freedom. So who eats lipstick anyway?!

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