OR a burger for a vegan named Boris

aka lab-grown meat

It’s Alive!

Cultured meat, lab grown flesh, Frankenmeat, whatever you call it is cloned from animal cells produced in a petri dish. It would seem there is a market for those folks who want to eat real meat without harming animals and the planet. Do vegans really want hamburgers, steak, pork and chicken, etc grown in a lab, so they can eat the way they were conditioned to?

Has the movement toward production of plant-based replicas of burgers and nuggets lost it’s steam? Have they given up trying to make mashed beans taste like ground beef?

For some reason I find the idea of lab-grown food to be cringeworthy. It’s already difficult to choke down those tasteless bean burgers, even with a load of sliced tomato, onion, lettuce, slathered with vegan sauce and disguised in a vegan bun.

However, on the plus side it would certainly save a lot of animals from being killed to feed humans and reduce the damage to the planet from animal agriculture.

Vegans get their protein from plants

Meat has nothing on plants when it comes to their essential elements and nutritive value. Plant protein for one makes meat redundant. After all, where do cows get their protein? From the grass they eat!

It just seems to me that if you believe the science behind the many benefits of plant-based, whole-foods consumption and you care about the animals, the planet and yourself you should support the vegan movement.

Reverse course, right the ship! stop eating meat and dairy products, switch to a whole-foods, plant-based diet and forget about all the meat and dairy products you consumed in your lifetime.

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