Eat to live Not live to Eat

Corny, trite, smarmy, call that old ditty what you will, but I am a true believer now, a convert, baptized in the glowing light of the vegan movement. After watching a few of those documentaries made to expose animal cruelty, damage to the planet and our health I experienced an epiphany that changed my life. I felt born again and I didn’t have to go prison to accomplish it!

In my days as a Pregan (before becoming vegan) I did live to eat, even if not that hungry. I could hardly wait to sit down at Mom’s bountiful, meat-laden table, no occasion necessary. Now I am plant-based consumer, a new vegan, eating a plant-based diet to live longer and healthier. I just hope I started in time to make a difference in my remaining years, reversing or stopping the direction my health was headed for. Agent Orange and the mosquito sprayer may get me in the end but it won’t be because I didn’t try a plant-based diet that has succeeded for so many.

Vegan diet or Bust

I guess any younger readers of this post would be prompted to say, “well that’s easy for you, you old fart, you are just about toast anyway!” That’s what I would have been thinking when I was younger as well. If someone had approached me with the idea of adopting a vegan diet in the 1970’s I hate to imagine what I would have said, much less even consider giving up meat and dairy. The good news is that I have been assured that it’s never too late to reverse course and start a vegan diet.

I just recently discovered that it’s more or less a symptom of aging when your appetite declines and you eat smaller portions, my appetite now is only about a TENTH of what it was in my youth and even more so later on in adulthood.

Back then I could inhale an entire rack of BBQ ribs, eat an entire loaded pizza – single handedly, come in fifth in a hot-dog eating contest, and have a triple steakburger WITH a bowl of chili and fries. Mmmm

That reminds me, this could have happened to me cause I once on a dare ate 67 White Castle sliders while sitting curbside in my Mom’s Chevvy Nova station wagon in 1969? Chicks dug me!

Joey Chestnut on 75th dog!

I think our pal Joey, world record holder of eating 76 hot dogs with buns also holds the record of consuming 100 hamburger sliders. What an American! What an accomplishment! The guy who is in Guiness record book for eating a record setting amount of tube steaks (lips, anal flaps, and brain scrap, combined (swept) into chemically laden tubes, otherwise known as the American Hot-Dog!)

He is also looking a little rotund, to be kind, I hope someday he wakes up to the fact that his hot dog eating days are numbered.

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