A Vegan Swamp You Could Eat

A concept only an idiot would come up With

The one thing you would need to survive in a real swamp, rich with plant life, is a battery-operated JUICER! But who carries one of those gadgets around on a trek through a swamp? That scumbag BL? A python hunter? Besides, there isn’t much to juice except cypress and Spanish moss and that stuff tastes like sh*t.

According to National Geographic, a swamp is an area of land permanently saturated, or filled, with water. It looks like the kind of place I would avoid unless I had a darn good reason to be there such as running away from a deranged meathead. Call me crazy but I prefer to get my greens in the produce department of the nearest grocery store.

The vegan swamp is an idea that was created by a new vegan to represent, and to demonstrate in a humorous way, the abstract principles by characters or figures we may encounter on our vegan journey. Using the allegory of a swamp with a confusing array of channels, narrow waterways, nasty critters and quicksand, we hope to show new vegans the way to safe harbor.

Safe harbor in our make-believe swamp is a place where vegans can relax and follow the vegan road to good health without worrying or caring about what others may think, while good naturedly putting up with all the bad science surrounding veganism and its detractors.

Pseudoscience or fake science in place of real science is used by meatheads in an effort meant to discredit us vegans who shun meat and dairy and prefer to eat plant-based, whole-foods.

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