A vegan cut Above the Rest

Bob, the vegan butcher has fresh veggies, cut and wrapped, ready for pick up. The drive-thru is still under construction. If we can have plant-based burgers that upon first glance look like beef hamburgers then why can't we have plants shaped like cows? Good question! Are those blood stains on your apron there Bob? Is … Continue reading A vegan cut Above the Rest

Mind your vegan Tongue

The vegan tongue is a muscle and requires Training The first thing I learned when I became vegan (a short four months and -20lbs ago) was to learn how to obey my taste buds instead of allowing my mind's stored memory of a particular food to overrule the actual taste of what I was eating. … Continue reading Mind your vegan Tongue

Just Say Yes to Vegan

Plant-based food is the healthy alternative Even Nancy R. would just say yes to adopting a plant-based, whole-foods diet. There is now unimpeachable, scientific proof by many doctors and scientists that the nutrients found in plants have the ability to reverse heart disease, stop type 2 diabetes in it's tracks, lower blood pressure, switch off … Continue reading Just Say Yes to Vegan

What Makes A Vegan?

According to Wikipedia, Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly as food for human consumption, and an associated philosophy that rejects the economic status of animals, animal agriculture as it pertains to the environment, and the belief that following a plant-based diet is good for their health. That's the … Continue reading What Makes A Vegan?